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Design and assembling

of automatic conveyor lines



Stacker pre-stacker straight out

  • MT E180 : Height of piles max.:230mm /2000 ex/h

METRIS MT E180L Stacker for Books



Stacker pre-stacker 90°

  • MT E182NT: Height of piles max.:140mm /7200 ex/h
  • MT E183NT: Height of piles max.:200mm /7200 ex/h
METRIS MT E182 Stacker for Books




Stacker turns pile for blocks connected

  • MT E300
    Height of piles max.:250 or 330mm  
    Lift table
    Rotation multi-position by servo motor (vE302)
    Fast speed ejection by servo motor  
    Multi configuration of stacking and ejection  
    Very fast cycle time

METRIS MT E300 Stacker for Books


Empileur de ramettes:

  • MT E640
    The stackers MT 640 and MT 643 are completly independent  
    Non-stop stacling with intermediate stream fork 
    Press speed synchronisation   
    Batcher counter 
    Automation managed by programmable logic controller
    High precision construction
    See: Documentation pdf
    See: Video
METRIS MT E640 Stacker for Sheets


Rotary Stacker:

  • MT E800
Max Speed: 45 000 Ex/h
Counter with batches preset
Frequency inverter and carbonless motors
Press speed synchronisation

METRIS MT E800 Stacker for Signatures